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1.  How can I report Blue Green Algae Outbreaks on the Lake?
A:  Report any outbreaks to the DEC:

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation:
          Questions may be emailed to
          Bureau of Water Assessment & Management  518-402-8179
          Bureau of Public Outreach  518-402-8044

Oneida County Health Departmental Conservation
           Dan Gilmore 315-798-5064

2.  How can I participate and help with the Otter Lake Association (OLA)?
A.   It is recommended that you attend one of the yearly meetings to learn more about current activities being performed by the association.  Click here for more dates of these meetings.  You can also send an Email to the Otter Lake Association webmaster expressing your interest.

3.  Where and when are Otter Lake Association meetings held?
A.Meetings are held at the "new" firehouse.
   Dates and times of meetings are included on the OLA home page.

4.  When and where are the Town of Forestport Town Board meetings held?
A.  The second Wednesday of each month. Most meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. in the Forestport Town Hall (lower level). The July meeting is held at the Woodgate Fire Department and the August meeting at the Otter Lake Fire Department.

5.  Where can Boats be launched?
A.  Motor boats can be launched on the lake access on State Route 28. Canoes and Kayaks can be launched at the access on state lands at the end of Lake View Road at no cost.

6.  How do I get a boat key for the boat launch area?
A.  Please send a request to the webmaster.  Otter Lake Association members can purchase keys at a cost of $10 at any association meeting. 

7..  Has 911 Emergency Service been activated for the Otter Lake vicinity?
A.  Yes, 911 service has been activated for response to emergencies in the hamlet of Otter Lake. For emergencies dial 911.

Other direct contact numbers include:
     Otter Lake Fire Department 911 (emergencies)
NY State Police (Old Forge) 369-3322
     Oneida County Sheriff  736-0141
     Town of Webb Professional Offices (formerly Old Forge Health      Center ) 369-6619

8.  I am remodeling my home/camp at Otter Lake.  Is a building permit necessary?
A.  Check with the Town of Forestport Codes Department for building permit requirements.

9. Frequently used Town of Forestport Government contact numbers.

Animal Control Officer 392-6379
Assessors Office (Appraiser) 392-5547 or 392-2804 ext. 3
Codes Enforcement Officer 392-2801 ext. 6
Highway Department 392-2623
Planning Board Secretary 392.2801 ext. 6
Town Clerk 392-2801 ext. 1
Town Court 392-2801 ext. 5
Town Offices 392-2801
Town Supervisor 392-3901
Town of Forestport Web Site

10.  Where are Church Services held?
A.  The Community Church and St. Mary of the Snows.

11.  Who handles Garbage and Recyclable collection?
A.  There is no town garbage or recyclable pickup. Check your phone book for private contractors operating in the area.

12. Who handles Trash Disposal?
A.  The Town of Forestport holds three collection dates each summer. Dumpster are on separate occasions placed in three separate locations in the village; one of which is in Otter Lake. Hamlet property owners can, however, choose to participate at any of the three locations. Permits can be obtained from the Forestport Town Hall or admittance can be gained by showing your property tax notice. There is no charge. The dates and time are posted elsewhere on this website. There is not garbage pickup by the Town of Forestport in our area. Arrangements need be made through a private contractor. 

13.  How can I check on the Weather in Otter Lake?
A.  Click Here for the latest weather

14  How can I help ensure that the Otter Lake Bti program continues?
Bti treatments help reduce the number of black flies in the Otter Lake community.  Unfortunately, the  Bti program at Otter Lake is currently at risk due to the escalating cost of these treatments.  Please consider making a donation to the Otter Lake Association.  Donations can be sent to June Wellman/Treasurer, 1046 Norton Rd.., Otter Lake, NY 13338 Please indicate that your donation is in support of the Bti program.  Thank You!

15.  What is Bti?
Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis) has been shown to kill black fly larvae before they mature into adults.  Bti is placed in areas where black flies breed. The bacteria Bti occurs naturally in the soil and is harmless to mammals, fish, birds, and insects other than mosquitoes and black flies. Bti biodegrades quickly in the environment through exposure to sunlight and microorganisms.  Bti was introduced in the Adirondacks in 1982 during a NY State Museum Science Survey study in the hamlet of Onchiota in the Town of Franklin.  Bti is also the only pesticide the NYS DEC allows to be used on State Forest Preserve lands for control of biting insects. This is because Bti is extremely specific in targeting black fly larvae and is non-persistent in the environment.

16.  Why is Bti necessary?
Bti is a necessary aid in controlling the black fly population.  Black flies are out during the day and their bites are painful.  Black flies are most active between mid-May through mid-June. During the black fly season, especially in untreated areas, some choose to avoid outdoor activities. To deal with the black flies, one can purchase hats with fine mesh netting extending over the face and shoulders from camping supply and mail order houses. Repellents can offer some relief depending on the individual, species of fly, temperature, humidity, time of day, etc. There are times that black flies will bite regardless of the repellent and concentration used. 

If you have any additional questions click here to submit them to the Otter Lake Association