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The purpose of the Otter Lake Association, Inc. is to interest itself in community and civic affairs pertaining to the community of Otter Lake, NY and to provide a medium to express the will and intent of the community   Additionally, the Association aids in providing programs of interest in social, recreational and educational activities for adults and youth of the community.  Community programs and activities performed by the Association: include:

  • BTI (Black Fly Abatement)
  • Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP)
  • Eradication of Bladderwort and other Invasive Weeds
  • Educational and Special Interest Speakers
  • Scholarship Program for Local Students
  • Beautification Program on Route 28 and Boat Launch Maintenance
  • Social Meet and Greet Gathering of your Neighbors
  • Liaison with Town of Forestport