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Minutes of OLA Meeting
May 26, 2007

The meeting was called to order by at 10:15 by President Jean VanValkenburg. The Secretary read the minutes of the August 26, 2006 meeting. They were amended and approved. The Treasurer read her report, and discussed expenditures with the members. Her report was approved as read.

Septic Dye Testing:  Jean explained that strips of 3 different colors are to be made available to the members at the July meeting. Samples will also be included in each Spring letter for 2008. Jean gave a brief explanation for use of the test strips.

Water Probe: The Fulton Chain of Lakes has agreed to share the use of their probe with the OLA. Jean explained that we may need to train a person in the use of the probe, or we may be able to use the services of the Fulton Chain trainee, who lives in McKeever. Results of the probe will be reported at the meeting following the testing.

The OLA scholarship winner will be announced at the July meeting. Mr Dugan suggested increasing the $100 scholarship. Jane Kreutzer suggested raising the amount to $500 for next year. Jean stated the qualifications for the applicants, and will request the Board to discuss the increase. 

Clark Burdick offered to augment the water probe testing with equipment from his company. He also questioned whether C-Slap tests for phosphorus in the lake. Jean replied that phosphorus is one of the elements listed on the report. The results of the 2006 C-Slap testing will be available at the June meeting. Jean also explained the monitoring of the carp population now in the lake.

Route 28 construction from Alder Creek to McKeever bridge will commence in spring 2008 and continue through the summer. The Otter Lake flags will probable need to be removed for the summer, and no flower baskets will be hung next year. The road will be widened to allow for a bike/hiking path. Tom De Pasquale will oversee the watering of baskets in 2007. More volunteers are needed. Also, the Adopt-a-Highway program needs more volunteers. Elaina Cross and Audrey Velepec have volunteered to date.

OLA Elections: Jean reminded the members that election of OLA Officers and Board members will be held at the August meeting. Jean declined to continue as President, but offered to serve as a Board member. Kathy Boughton declined to continue as Treasurer. Board members Dick Engle, Jim Wallace, and Bob Young will complete their present terms in August. Hubert Velepce and Mona Lincoln will head the election committee, and all nominations should be presented to them.

Jean reminded members that the OLFD is seeking funds to build the new firehouse. The present building is for sale for @ $200,000, and the funds from the sale will go toward the cost of the new building.

New Projects: Jean announced that a silent auction will be held as a fundraiser for the Association. Donations of theme baskets are requested from members. They will be on display with tickets available at the June and July meetings. Jean also requested members to donate items to be raffled at the August meeting.

Other: Jean opened the floor to questions. Bob Dicker requested a tally of attorney fee expenditure by the Association. Jean briefly explained that the lawsuit has been withdrawn by Mr Robitelle. The total cost to the Association in legal fees to date is $13,428.50, however the Treasurer noted that total is unofficial at this time. Robert Dugan suggested investing money from the treasury in a CD. Jean replied that will be considered. She then explained the grass carp monitoring and vegetation cycle. Mr Clayton asked about insurance for the boat launch area. There followed a short discussion on insurance by members, with no resolution on the subject. Karen Marshall asked about Bti fund allocation. The Treasurer explained that funds are held separately and that she has a computer program that designates funds to the fund requested by members at the time of their donations. Mrs Hurd asked how many carp are in the lake. Jean responded that 1120 carp were inserted last spring and were found to be thriving over the winter months. Bob Melber suggested a sign-in sheet be placed at the launch area. Jean asked for members to discuss the idea. She also noted that the boat ramp and launch roadway have been repaired.

The Secretary explained that in the OLA minutes, going back to the first meetings in the 1960s, discussions are documented throughout the years that the question of whether the OLA needs insurance at the launch site has been raised. Lawyers who were members of the Association and some who were retained to speak at meetings have all agreed, without exception, that the cost of insurance would be prohibitive to the Association, and that since we are a nonprofit group, their recommendation would be that insurance is not necessary. Bob Melber responded that the OLA should erect signs stating rules concerning swimming and recreation at the site. Janet Maher questioned the construction on Lakeview Rd. Jean replied that the roadway into the woods is on private property, and therefore not a concern for the Association. Bob Melber noted that someone has cut grass on his property, and decimated some of his small cedar trees. Jean replied that the grass was cut by a volunteer, and apologized for the destruction. He was offered compensation, but declined.

Jean noted that the OLA meetings are now held on the last Saturday of May, June, July, and August. She also reminded the members of the dumpster dates for the town of Forestport, which were included in the Spring letter.

Peg Gehrig asked why the streams on her property do not have pink flags, which denote Bti treatment. Kathy Boughton explained that Bioconservatory is the service we employ. She explained that the cost of treatment has increased each year, and that the treasury always needs to make up the deficit from member donations. Kathy will inquire further about the Grace Point streams.

The two 50/50 raffle winners were Mona and Jean, $29 each.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 am.