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Minutes of OLA General Meeting 
May 30, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 10:02 am by President Mona Lincoln. The Secretary read the minutes of the August 30, 2008 meeting. They were  approved as read. It was noted that the OLA benches were stored by Bob Melber last fall. The Treasurer read her report. It was approved. There was a discussion of payments made. Bob Dicker thanked the Association for having the Otter Lake Memories book reprinted. Mona thanked all who participated in the Bti fund kayak raffle.

Sharon noted that the Otter Lake Memories book is now on sale for $20 each, available at local businesses, at meetings, or $23 per mailing request.

Route 28 Construction project:  Mona attended the recent Town of Forestport Board meeting and learned that the project is now deferred until June 2010. No posts will be removed in Otter Lake.

Dam:  Mona explained payments due to Harvey Construction. In order to try to reduce the balance due them, Mona has investigated possible sources of funding, through grant money from the Oneida Community foundation and stimulus packages (Mr Townshend advised that money is for new projects only). Mona has requested Mr Hasenauer to write of letter of support on behalf of the OLA to be sent to Harvey Construction for reduction of the debt.

Dumpster dates:  Mona sent of letter of complaint to the Town protesting the cancellation this year of an Otter Lake venue. The Town offered to change the location of the September 12 dumpster to the Woodgate location.

Correspondence:  Mona read letters from Kathy Vanselow of Bioconservation (our Bti provider) and T. Beschle of NYS DEC Bureau of Pesticides and explained their disposition. Our Bti invoice for 2009 has been reduced from $7200 to $6500 per our request. Our permit for an aquatic insect control report may cost between $50 and $100. Mona read a letter from Barbara Springs of the White Lake Association regarding the National Grid easement for the removal of trees during the Rte 28 project. She asked for the cooperation of our Association in monitoring the removal of trees. Mona explained that each tree is tagged separately and removal is measured 37.5 ft from the pole. Linda Yancey of the Town sent a letter reminding all residents to complete the sewer district survey. Kathy Lansing has volunteered to join a committee who will help compile results of that survey. There was a short discussion among members regarding whether a sewer/water project is necessary and what that might mean for the ecology, taxation, etc. Mona also noted that after the survey results are compiled, the issue will be scheduled for discussion at public meetings and then to referendum. The 2007 (latest available date) CSLAP survey report has been received and is available to members to peruse after the meeting. The 2009 kit has been delayed until and internal mailing issue is resolved.

New Business:  Mona asked for volunteers to mow and repair OL flags. Brian Judge volunteered along with his sons to repair the flags. Brian then spoke about the clogged culvert beside his property which adjoins the Association boat launch property.  The culvert is still clogged. He spoke with the DEC, APA, and the railroad, all of whom agreed that the problem must be remedied by the property owner. The cost estimate to install 80 feet of new pipe is $2300 for his property and another $850 for the OLA to have the remaining 60 feet to the lake repaired with cobblestone riprap so it will not clog again. The clogging is caused by runoff from the railroad property on the rise above the tracks. Marlin Markusson said he spoke to John Norton about the problem who explained the problem of the runoff which has caused a hole in the ground where water is erupting. The Route 28 construction project rep told Brian that they may be able to assist with repairs to the culvert, but not until next year. There is no guarantee that the State will be willing to help, however. Brian needs the OLA permission to cut down dead trees to access boat launch property for repairs. Dick Engle noted that the boat launch is in need of repairs from the erosion, and Brian agreed that the repairs will correct the erosion problem at the site. Mr Prichard has agreed to allow access from his 10-ft right of way beside the launch property. Dick Engle made a motion, seconded by George Batlle, that the Association appropriate up to $1,000 for repairs to the 60 foot area from Mr Judge’s property to the lake. The motion was carried unanimously. Port Leyden Dig & Push contractors have proposed the estimate for the cost mentioned. Mona will meet with the Board after the meeting today to discuss the situation with Mr Judge.  Also, Mona will check with the Town to see if they stockpile riprap and ask for a donation. Mona will also speak with the Route 28 construction rep to request state assistance. Brian was shown a survey map by a state rep and he noted that a large section of the hamlet is missing from that map.

Discussion:  Mona noted that any jet ski complaints should be directed to the Sheriff. She also reminded members that the deadline for applying for the OLA scholarship award is June 15. Ivan Kaye showed photos of a property owner’s trash left on Norton Rd. Anne Wright made a motion, seconded by Ivan Kaye, that the OLA mail a letter to the property owner requesting removal of trash in the interest of the environment and attraction by animals. Most members abstained from voting, but the motion was carried by the vote of 8 yeas and 3 nays. Peg Gehrig noted that she has consistently requested help from the Town Codes Enforcer  Brad Smith by showing photos of a burned out van in front of a home on Rte 28 and various other issues, but so far not actions has been taken. The Town does have a property maintenance code.

Brian Judge won $56 in the 50/50 raffle. He donated his winnings toward the boat launch construction project.

A boat safety course may be offered in July by Deputy Sagy from Woodgate. Steven Flint was unable to attend today as speaker on invasive plant life in the lake. Camille Foote passed out flyers and spoke on the problem and remedy for mustard weed and other invasive species.  She noted that the bladderwort and pondweed that plagued property owners for so many years is now cleared from the lake because of the grass carp. Gary Lee will have address noninvasives soon in one of his Adirondack Express columns. 

Mona reminded members to refer to the Association website for updated information about projects.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:13 am.