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Minutes of OLA Meeting
July 28, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 10:06 am by President Jean VanValkenburg. The Secretary read the minutes of the June 30, 2007 meeting. They were approved as read. The Treasurer read her report, and discussed expenditures and noted that the Board has voted to invest $10,000 in a CD. The report was approved as read.

Chinese Auction: Jean explained the auction protocol for the theme basket bids. The baskets will remain in the meeting room and the winning bids will be drawn at the end of the August meeting.

Septic dye test strips: Jean explained the use of the strips. Members may take strips at this meeting and at the August meeting. There will be a sign-up sheet for the strips. All members who take strips now will not receive another in their Spring letter.

Scholarship:  The Secretary stated that the Board chose four $100 recipients this year, and announced the studentsí names: Jacob deVolder, Alyssa Zito, Monica Dylis, and Laura Dunn. Jean told members that the Board has voted to offer two $250 scholarships for 2008, and will decide on the amount for 2009 based on Treasury funds available.

Elections: Hubert asked for more dedicated volunteers to run for elections. He explained that all Officers and three Board member positions will expire this year. Sharon urged members to remind their neighbors to attend the August meeting to vote. Only paid members are eligible to cast ballots.

Jean noted that the OLA is dedicated to working for the environment and quality of the lake, along with service to the community. The tone of the OLA meetings should be friendly, and offers a forum for all to offer suggestions and share concerns.

Jean advised that member Ron Tiderencel has offered to make new signs for the boat launch area. We expect to have the signs in place by Labor Day weekend. She also explained that the drainage grid is temporary, and that the construction on Route 28 from Woodgate to McKeever will be completed in 2009.

Flower baskets: Discussion delayed until August meeting.

Hubert suggested that all members avail themselves of the water test kits offered by the MV Water Authority. He explained that he feels safer allowing his family to drink the water at his camp after receiving a good report on his water. Dick Engle offered to provide test kits and take them to Utica. Results will be mailed. He also noted that the Town will have a dumpster in Otter Lake on August 11, and he explained which items are not eligible. Hazardous waste can be dropped off at the Wurz Ave site in Utica. Sharon urged all to have their water tested. Jean said that using chlorine bleach to flush the water system is recommended. Peg Gehrig asked how often that should be done and Jean responded that once a year is sufficient.

Jean also mentioned that after the deluge in July 2006, the culvert by the railroad tracks across from the launch area is plugged. John Norton has offered to notify the railroad to free the debris from the culvert. Jean and Mona have requested NYS to correct the problem permanently during construction next year.

Peg Gehrig reminded members that the Forestport Town Board will meet at the Otter Lake firehouse on August 15 at 6:30 pm, and all residents to attend.

Pat Mulally explained his difficulty in finding a contractor to install a septic system. He told of his experience, and suggested comparing estimates. Jean noted that the Town has a stricter code than the State for installation of septic systems on new lots. 

Jean won $26.00 in the 50/50 raffle drawing. She donated her winnings to the Bti fund. She also requested the Secretary to mail thank-you cards to all members who donated baskets for the Chinese auction.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am.