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Otter Lake Association
Meeting Minutes
August 26, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Mona Lincoln.  The Secretary read the minutes from the July 29 meeting. They were amended and approved. The Treasurerís report was read and approved.

Mona has prepared a petition from the OLA requesting DSL internet service for the community.

Dam Inspection:   Jean has requested an inspection of our dam from the FOLA. The DEC and OLA maintain the damsite jointly. Tom Abrial has consented to maintain a log denoting use of the damsite. Jean noted that the entrance road cannot be cordoned off by a log, because snowmobiles use the road in winter. It was suggested that perhaps rocks or pipes could be used to discourage vehicles. Joan Trask noted that she saw tire tracks in the entrance road and noticed that the log was displaced. Jean responded that since the state owns the land, the OLA cannot erect any barrier.

Bob Young donated two tickets to the State Fair to be offered to OLA members. The OLA $100 scholarship was awarded to Bryn Sheppard, granddaughter of Dick and Sharon Engle.

Flower basket:    Jean thanks all who helped with the baskets and watering, and maintaining the flower beds, especially acknowledging Marlin Markusson, Mona Lincoln, The Crupes, the Kayes, and Dick Johnson. It was suggested by a member that perhaps artificial flowers would be more feasible for the future. Audrey Velepec asked where the artificial flower baskets could be stored, and Jean volunteered storage in her barn. Carole Gehrig asked if switching to artificial flowers might affect our status as CAP-21 members, since they oversee the flower basket project, and whether doing so might deter success receiving any future grants. A long discussion followed, but no decision was reached. Kathy Boughton suggested a fall membership mailing requesting membersí opinions on flower baskets. Dave Dylis suggested alerting members on our website of choices. Kathy Boughton made a motion to ask for a volunteer chairperson of a flower basket committee and suspend the OLA cooperation in the CAP-21 flower basket program for 2007. The motion was seconded by Dick Engle. There was one abstention to the vote, and no opposition. Therefore, The OLA will not participate in the 2007 CAP-21 flower basket program. The issue will be discussed further at the May meeting.

Jean has received an anonymous letter, complaining to the OLA of fireworks on the lakefront this summer. Jean noted that the OLA mission is to promote environmental causes and promulgate better community relations. She requested members to notify the Sheriff Dept or NYS police, not the OLA, for problems unrelated to the Association.

Clark Burdick explained non-dye testing for septic tank pollution in lakes. He noted that Hamilton County has such a program in place and produced a report on their testing. A discussion followed. Clark suggested that the OLA apply for the program, Hubert Velepec suggested purchasing the testing equipment, and Keith Butters asked if Oneida County might own such equipment. No decision was reached.

Carole Gehrig was the winner of $40 in the 50/50 raffle. Bob Young donated T-shirts for the raffle. They were won by Mona Lincoln and

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 am.