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Minutes of OLA Meeting
28, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 10:12 am by President Jean VanValkenburg. The Secretary read the minutes of the July 28, 2007 meeting. They were approved as read. The Treasurer read her report, and discussed expenditures to date. The report was approved as read.

Septic dye test strips: Jean explained the use of the strips. She also suggested taking two different color strips if an owner has 2 bathrooms.  There will be a sign-up sheet for the strips. All members who take strips now will not receive another in their Spring letter. Jean also noted that if repairs are necessary to a septic system, a $20 permit fee from the Town of Forestport is mandatory, and an engineer’s plan must be submitted to the Town for a new system to be installed. The dye results should show along the property perimeter withing 48 hours of inserting strips into toilet tank. Hubert Velepec also noted that the insertion of the dye strips will aid in finding any leaks in the toilet.

Replacement signs: Ron Tiderencel will be installing new signs at the entrance of Norton/Lakeview Roads and at the boat launch. Jean displayed the prototype signs for members to view. The Secretary will send a thank-you note to Ron for volunteering to make and install the signs.

Dan Josephson has completed the lake vegetation mapping and Scott Lincoln has done the water quality tests on the lake. The lake is clear of bladderwort and pondweed.

Mona Lincoln made a motion, seconded by Hubert Velepec, to post on our website and possibly submit a press release explaining what has been accomplished in Otter Lake since the installation of the Grass Carp. All agreed and the motion was carried.

Jean  stated that 1121 Grass Carp were initially inserted into the lake. The fish have an 8-10 year life expectancy. The size of the carp has increased from 10 inches to @ 17 inches to date. The DEC will monitor the number of fish in the lake each year. Six water samples from different sections of the lake were submitted. The NYS FOLA has always given our water a good rating. Dick Engle has some sample bottles left for testing drinking water. Jean noted that the septic dye program will aid in keeping the vegetation down, since nutrients cause an upsurge in vegetation growth.

Mary Markusson asked if the lake depth will improve as a result of the decreased vegetation. Jean responded that lakeside campowners should rake the area in front of their docks.

Smart Growth Grant: Governor Spitzer has offered $1 million in grant funding for the Adirondack Park to be used for economic development and environmentally safe projects to better the community. The OLA will meet with the Town of Forestport next year for a preliminary study in preparation for requesting a grant for the community. Jean noted that more information on the grant is available on the DEC website.

Flower baskets: Jean advised that the OLA Board voted today to eliminate flower baskets for 2008 because of the proposed Route 28 construction. The OL flags will remain in place. The hardware for the baskets will also remain on poles not being moved for the construction. Jean asked for volunteers to store the baskets and the water wagon for winter. Anyone who can offer a storage area should contact Jean.

Committees: Jean explained that each member of the OLA Board is a member of a standing committee. The Secretary read the Bylaw which names the committees. Jean explained committee rules and passed around a volunteer sheet.

Jean expressed her appreciation on behalf of the Association to all who have contributed in any way to her terms as OLA President. She thanked donors to all our fundraisers and to all the dedicated volunteers who offer their time and knowledge for all the Association projects. Hubert asked for applause for all Officers whose terms end today.

Member discussion: Ellie Connick reminded all dog owners to clean up after their pets. Dick Gloo commented that this needs to be addressed especially at the boat launch area. Jean stated that she will suggest to the new President to include a warning to dog owners along with mention of the Adirondack Park leash laws in the Spring letter. Ellie asked about rules against jet ski use after 6 pm, as is the law in the Town of Webb, and Jean responded that anyone concerned with misuse of jet skis should request rules from the Town of Forestport. Peg Potasiewicz was concerned about a neighbor keeping garbage in a caged area, and Jean said that was a private property situation. She suggested  asking the Town if there are any regulations regarding trash containers. Joan Trask complained about fireworks at various lakeside camps throughout the summer. The Town has no noise ordinance, but use of fireworks is illegal, and the Sheriff should be informed. Jorge Batlle complained about loud motorcycles on the side roads in Otter Lake. Jean stated that the OLA is not a policing organization, and all complaints of that type must be reported to the Sheriff. Jim Kreutzer noted that a property owner mush sign a complaint form before the Sheriff can proceed to address the situation. Hubert suggested that the Education committee of the OLA, along with any volunteers, meet to discuss how to educate members in dealing with these types of complaints. Gloria Tighe and Connie Hurd noted that an ultraviolet filter is superior to using a chlorine flush for water systems. Jean noted that by 2009 ultraviolet filters will be mandatory for all businesses.

Hubert and Mona comprised the Election Committee and presented the slate of incumbent Officers and Board Members and new candidates. Officers are elected for 2-year terms and Board Members serve staggered 1, 2, or 3 year terms. The Secretary stipulated her vote for all those elected without opposition. The new OLA Officers and Board are: President: Mona Lincoln, Vice President: Hubert Velepec, Secretary: Sharon Engle, Treasurer, June Wellman, and five Board members (a sixth Board member will be appointed at the October Board meeting to serve a one-year term): Dick Gloo, Jim Kreutzer, Jean VanValkenburg, Anne Wright, and Bob Young.

Peg Gehrig won $68 in the 50/50 raffle. The winners of the 12 Chinese Auction baskets are: Tom Kiely, Kathy Boughton, Mary Ann Rubyor, Bob Young, Maureen Young, Jim Wallace, Pat Young, June Wellman, Tom Marcelletta, Bob Young, Tom Kiely, and Bob Young.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 am.