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Minutes of OLA Meeting
September 3, 2005

The meeting was called to order by President Jean VanValkenburg at 10:06 am.  The Secretary read the minutes from the August 6, 2005 meeting.  The minutes were amended and approved.  The Treasurer read her report and noted that the BTI fund is still short $2,000 for this year and the shortfall will be again taken from the general treasury fund.  Her report was approved as read.

Old Business:  Jean read the letter detailing the mapping of the lake for the Aquatic Plant Management Plan required by the APA.  Dan Josephson noted that the vegetation levels in the lake are unchanged from the 1999 and 2000 mappings.  The prominent vegetation consists of bladderwort, pickerelweed (pondweed) and pond lilies.  She also explained CSLAP testing for the clarity and bacteria levels and noted that Otter Lake rated good clarity and low bacteria levels in the latest testing. 

New Business:  Jean reported that the OLA Board will meet with Crescent Island property owners on September 7 to discuss their views on use of the launch area and their proposal to reconfigure their docking status.

The Secretary read the 4 proposed choices for changing the dates of the Association meetings for 2006.  An amendment to the Bylaws is necessary for this change, therefore a member vote was proposed.  The members voted (by show of hands, majority vote) to amend the Bylaws to read:  Article V/Meetings:  The annual meeting will be held on the last Saturday in August each year.  Regular meetings will be held the last Saturday in May, June and July each year.  The place and time of the meeting shall be determined by the Board.  Special meetings will be called by the President as needed. 

Elections:  All 4 Officers and three Board member positions (Dick Gloo, Jim Kreutzer and Hubert Velepec) have expired.  There were no nominations from the floor.  A motion was made for the Secretary to cast one vote and stipulate the present slate to continue.  The Secretary so stipulated.  For the record, the OLA Officers for a 2-year term are:  President,  Jean VanValkenburg; Vice-president, Mona Lincoln; Secretary, Sharon Engle and Treasurer, Kathy Boughton.  Three-year term Board members are Dick Gloo, Jim Kreutzer and Hubert Velepec (terms through 2008) and 2-year term Board members:  Kick Engle, Bob Young and Jim Wallace (terms through 2007).

Jean asked for feedback as a review on the past year’s accomplishments.  Ellie Connick thanked all the Officers and Board members for area improvements such as flowers, town flags and Otter Lake signs.  Sue Finn expressed her appreciation for the historic camp tour.  Bob Melber asked if the camp tour would be held again in 2006 and if a date has been set.  Jean said we will discuss it at the May meeting.  Mary Markusson feels that community spirit has improved as a result of the Association projects.  Janet Durr thanked Jean for keeping members informed about the status of the aquatic improvements and the grass carp project.  Kathy Boughton thanked David Welch for his donation of copy machine paper and envelopes.  Joan and John Trask thanked Bob Young for his donations of the Otter Kayak for raffle.  All applauded Mr. Young.  Jorge Batlle voiced his appreciation for the dam project.  Jean said it is nice to hear compliments and she thanked all for helping the Association and the community.  Dick Engle thanked Bob Melber for mowing the launch area and the music camp site.

Jean offered applications from the Town of Forestport for energy assistance for low-income property owners and advised anyone with suggestions for property improvement in Otter Lake to call the Town Officers.

Greg Albright will lead a trail work weekend at the dam area on a date to be announced on our website.

Members were reminded to turn in launch gate keys when camp is sold or transfer key to new owner and advise Association Treasurer of new owner’s name.

Bob Melber mentioned that the boat launch concrete ramp may need repair.  He recommends repair in the fall or spring.  Ellie Connick asked about the high lake level.  Jean is waiting a few days to see if level caused by recent rains will recede before necessitating adjustment at the spillway.  Jim Kreutzer noted that the OLFD dry hydrant area needs to be kept clear of vehicles.  He suggested a sign on the hydrant or painting fluorescent paint on ground around the area.

Jean reminded members that the OLFD with hold their annual Steak Bake tomorrow, and the thanked the fire department for all they do for the community.  Marlin Markusson advised that the OLFD is a volunteer department with a record 8-minute response time.

In other discussion, a garage sale on Norton Rd. was announced; the Secretary was asked to send a birthday card to 105-year old Otter Lake camp owner Mary Stolzel; a complaint was made about the misuse of jet skis on the lake.  Jean asked anyone who sees an infraction to call the sheriff, only he can patrol the area.  Some members noted that they have seen the sheriff on the lake this summer.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle for $66 was Janet Durr.  Bob Young donated items for raffle.  Winners:   t-shirts – John Trask, Mary Demko and Keith Butters; battery pack – Mary Markusson; garden hose – Sue Finn.

Jean expressed thanks on behalf of the OLA to the town of Forestport for their dumpster days and for holding one of their meetings in Otter Lake.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:17 am