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Spring 2004

Dear Otter Lake Residents:

After a very cold Winter, Spring has finally arrived at Otter lake!  We are looking forward to enjoying this Summer Season in our wonderful community.

Late in the Fall of 2003, twenty five Blue Spruce trees were planted along Route 28.  Also, perennials were added to the flower beds to add color for both Spring and Fall.  In May, the Otter lake Welcome Flags will be hung.  All of these projects are a culmination of the grant money received from the North Country Environmental Enhancement Program.

The BTI Program is under way and payments for this year's program began in January when most of us are not thinking about the Black Fly population. Each stream that has been treated is marked clearly this year with a bright pink ribbon.  Treatment began in April.  Please remember that this is a very expensive program (over $5000) and again last year our BTI program exceeded our donations.

Everyone who wishes to operate a Personal Watercraft in New York State, beginning in 2004, is required to take a Water Safety Course to receive a Safety Certificate.  The Association in conjunction with the Oneida County Sheriff's Department will be offering this course at the Otter Lake Fire Hall in the Spring of 2004.  If you share your camp with family or rent your property inform them of the new regulation. 

A reminder to all residents who use the boat launch area to please be considerate to all Association members.  Cars are permitted to park in this area.  Trailers will be towed at the owner's expense.  Please leave ample room at the launch site in which to launch a boat without damage to vehicles or personal property and also to allow passage of Fire Trucks around the turn in the event of an emergency.  It is imperative that you do not park in the Fire Lane or in front of the Dry Hydrant so that it can be accessible for emergency use during the day or at night.  The Fire Department fills their Tanker from this site to fight fires in the community which is for our benefit.  Thank You for your cooperation.

Construction of the Fish Barrier should begin in late Spring 2004.  Hopefully, it will be soon enough so the the Grass Carp Permit can be issued this year and the fish can have enough time to adjust to their new environment before winter.  The Fish Barrier has to be functional before the carp can be released.

We would like to remind all residents that if you plan on doing any burning of debris that you need to have a burning permit issued by the DEC.  You can not have open fires in the Adirondack Park without a permit.  When burning with a permit be considerate of your neighbors; do not burn anything with toxic fumes and never leave a fire unattended.  Bar-B-Que pits and outdoor fireplaces that are self-contained are exempt if used as a campfire or for cooking.

During the Summer Season we ask for you to be Neighbor Friendly to all that use the lake.  Remember that for whatever reason you use to enjoy the lake, swimming, boating, hunting or fishing, please be considerate to your neighbor for their use as well.  (Those who rent their cabins please send this message along to your tenants.)

We hope that all area residents and property owners would become members.  We are looking forward to meeting new residents, renewing old acquaintances, and working together with a positive effort to make our community an even more enjoyable Adirondack environment.