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Happy Spring!  We experienced a very light snow fall this winter and this year are fortunate enough to have Spring arrive early.  We havenít received much rain though, so please be careful with spring clean-up.  Remember that all fires that are not contained in a burning barrel or barbeque pit need a Burning Permit from DEC. 

The new dam has been constructed!  As of April 20, 2005, the new dam, fish barrier and the construction site have been completed.  The new dam is four feet wider than the old structure therefore allowing for adequate drainage from heavy rain at a more rapid rate.  The water level of the lake is regulated through the new structure, therefore we will not be raising or lowering it manually.  The DEC and our Engineer have determined through past water analysis what the average water mark should be therefore we will not be raising and lowering the lake upon individual request.  In order to provide a safe environment for our lakeís wildlife and the new carp we intend to stock, we will not tamper with the level of the water.  In the fall there will be water drainage to allow for winter freezing.

The BTI Program is underway.  Each stream that has been treated to eliminate the hatching of Black Fly eggs has been marked clearly with a bright pink ribbon.  Again the cost of this program has increased since last year.  Our expenditures for this program have reached nearly $6000.  Please be generous with your donation this year and we thank you for your support.

A reminder to all residents who use the Boat Launch Area at the Main Beach, please be considerate to all that use this area.  This area is for temporary parking only.  Leave adequate parking space for Crescent Island residents to park to access their property.  Please leave enough room in the roadway and loop for the passage of Large Fire Fighting Equipment and enough room to launch a boat without damage to vehicles and personal property.  Under no circumstances are you allowed to park in the area that surrounds the Dry Fire Hydrant.  This needs to be accessible for emergency use during the day or night.  This Dry Hydrant should be given the same consideration that you would give a fire hydrant on a town or village street.

At the present we are trying to work out an agreement with residents of Crescent Island that will be acceptable use of our Main Beach area by all parties involved.  We are hopeful that we can come to a mutual agreement and that the litigation suit will soon be over.

We have submitted the final draft of our Environmental Impact Statement and we are awaiting the correspondence from DEC regarding our fish permit.  As soon as we receive this correspondence then we will be able to move forward and order the carp.  We hope to stock the carp by late June.

I would like to address another item that always seems to surface at Association Meetings by new property owners.  When people purchase property and there is a notation of lake rights in your deed, please read carefully as to where you may have lake access.  Your deed should state specifically where your access is located.  The Association does not get involved in securing access to individual rights of way.

We are in the process of organizing a Great Camps tour of Otter Lake.  The final details are not complete at this time.  The tentative date for this event and fundraiser is July 9, 2005.  More information about this event will be posted on the web site and in the local paper at a future date.

There are several enclosures this year.  Please read each sheet carefully because there is much information included.  They are color coded to help signify their importance.

We are looking forward to meeting new residents, renewing old acquaintances and working together with a positive effort to make our community an even more enjoyable Adirondack experience.